All about DEAD Time

Drop. Everything. And. Drink. Time.

Used in breweries - when it's time to test the beer the brewer will shout DEAD Time. Everyone drops what they are doing and tests the goods. Can also refer to a period or interval of time that is unproductive, inactive, or idle. Perfect time for a bevvie!

The DEAD Time Story

Once upon a time, Jack dreamed of an emporium where the shelves were stacked to the heavens with craft beer, cider, speciality wine, and small batch gins. This place focused exclusively on small independent makers, offering drinks that couldn't be found at the local supermarket. No more playing Russian roulette based on attractive labels - here, a more personal approach awaited every customer. Drinks would be carefully matched to their palate, promising a truly tantalizing taste adventure.

This was a place where snobbery had no place in craft beer and specialty booze shopping. You simply shared your preferences, and we would unveil a world of drinks you were bound to adore. And the best part? It was an emporium where price tags remained friendly, never causing your eyes to water, and where the ample choice and ever changing stock would keep you coming back time and time again.

But hold on tight, because this isn't a fairy tale. Jack worked hard and his dream became a reality—a real shop both online and offline. Embark on a journey with us, as we expertly guide you to discover drinks that will captivate your taste buds.

But who is Big Jack?

A seasoned beer aficionado with nearly 2 decades of immersive experience in the industry, dedicating himself to the captivating world of craft beer since 2013.

From humble beginnings in Weatherpoons he has since ardently embraced the ever-evolving craft beer scene. Jack's expertise extends from managing student unions to overseeing vibrant pubs, cultivating relationships with a myriad of breweries spanning both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, his most recent position as Head of Beer for an independent pub chain in Cambridge (Pint Shop) speaks volumes about his profound knowledge and passion.

Jack's heart truly lies with the small, independent breweries. These intimate collaborations allow him to forge personal connections with the talented individuals behind each unique brand, fostering a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and stories woven into every sip.

Meet the rest of the DEAD Time team

These people know a LOT about beer, the dog is just here for the snacks


Engineering mega brain, who loves dungarees and foraging


Awesome illustrator and owner of many fine jumpers


Digital Ninja and green fingered crafter


Shop doggo, main greeter and foot warmer