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Mixed 6 Packs

6 Pack

These mixed 6 packs of beer or cider are great gift ideas. They might be a mixture of cans and bottles, or they might be all one type. ABV's and styles will be different. These items cannot be exchanged or refunded.

There are a few options to chose from, you can have :

Mixed 6'er - A jamboree of styles available at the moment

Lager 6'er - Mixed pack of lagers, easy-drinking

Pale 6'er - Half a dozen of Session Pale to American Pales and others in between

IPA 6'er - Hoppy beers ranging in styles and strength

Cider 6'er - Apple & Pear based ciders.

Dark 6'er - Dark & Malty Beers, stouts and browns

Gluten Free 6'er - Gluten Free range, including lager, pale and IPA.